Who is LaVaughn the Psychic?

LaVaughn is some stupid bitch who runs the psychic reading scam at this website


This is what the despicable scammer says about herself:


About Me

LaVaughn is a psychic intuitive with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic ability. She is certified in Aromatherapy by the Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics, Crystal Therapy by the Academy of Earth’s Medicine, and Sandlin Technique Bodywork by Virginia Sandlin, Cherokee Mystic and founder of the Sandlin Institute of Matrimatix.”

You can see her empathic side at work when she goes after other so-called “scammers” with the savage qualities of a rabid-dog on her website above.

Of course, being certified in “aromatherapy” and “crystal therapy” totally validates her claims of being intuitive (read; falling prey to delusions of grandeur and pseudo-spiritual mumbo jumbo). She’s as intuitive as you are stupid to give her money.

Take a look at how she portrays herself with a fake picture, undoubtedly and unconsciously communicating fake picture = fake lavaughn

She often attacks other scammers on her site to deflect from her own equally despicable scams. But you know, there’s a lot of dumb fucks out there who are willing to paypal this scum bag scammer money to have a “reading”. This is her email: lahuesera@gmail.com

Must feel big and mighty to attack others from a fake name and picture, huh LaVaughn? Well, here ya go then! Suck it up!

Here’s the universal answer to anyone stupid enough to send this cunt money

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